Representative Payeeship

Synod’s Representative Payee Program provides financial management of Veterans, Social Security and SSI benefits on behalf of individuals who have difficulty using their payments to meet their basic needs.

A representative payee helps beneficiaries who need assistance in managing their benefits. A representative payee’s responsibilities include:

  • Using benefits to pay for the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiaries
  • Appropriately saving any remaining benefits
  • Keeping good records of how benefits were spent

How We Work

  • In conjunction with the client and their supports, staff complete an assessment of the client’s needs, resources, goals and abilities.
  • Based on anticipated expenses and the restrictions attending available resources, staff and client formulate a monthly budget ensuring that basic needs are paid from appropriate sources and supplemental needs prioritized.
  • Staff pays bills monthly while personal spending checks may be issued more frequently depending on the client’s budget skills.
  • Staff are available by telephone, appointment, or drop in.
  • Staff makes account activity, registers, and other financial documents accessible and available upon request.