Economic Guidance

For those individuals who have difficulty managing their financial affairs or meeting their own basic needs, we offer economic guidance including trusts, representative payeeships, and bill pay services.

The Financial Advocacy Program works to eliminate the stigma so often associated with money-management assistance. Our experienced mental health professionals present budget assistance as a benefit to participants, not a punitive measure.

Our staff educates each client in basic money management skills while teaching advocacy and assertiveness. In partnership with our clients, we explore and discuss their strengths and desires, ultimately creating a person-centered financial plan that will enable them to achieve their goals and eventually become self-sufficient.

Our services:

Stand-Alone Trust Administration – Synod will serve as trustee over the full range of stand-alone trusts, specializing in beneficiaries with disabilities.

Pooled Disability Trust  Extends the benefits of a special needs trust to individuals and families with more modest amounts to preserve, without the administrative expense of establishing a stand-alone trust. Also extends trust services to disabled adults over 65.

Representative Payeeship – Allows Synod to manage Social Security Administration benefits on behalf of those who have difficulty using the funds to meet their basic needs.

Guardian/Conservator – Protective services are available for the most vulnerable clients, provided by licensed guardians and attorneys.

Agency/POA – Synod contracts directly with Institutional and Family Trustees, providing daily budget assistance, bill pay, personal assistance and support service.

Care Manager – Full “wrap-around” support is available to meet the household, health, transportation, nutrition or personal care needs of our beneficiaries, including oversight advocacy and maintenance of benefits.