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Supportive Housing

To the Editor:

Re “ nov 12, 2012 – Unclear Future for Housing Program That Aids Mentally Ill Homeless People” (news article, March 25):

There is no doubt that supportive housing, which combines affordable housing and support services, ends homelessness for people and families with significant barriers to housing, like mental illness and addiction.

By avoiding the significant public costs of temporary shelter and emergency-room visits for the most vulnerable among us, supportive housing is also cost-effective.

It is important to note the role of private investment in creating housing opportunities for vulnerable New Yorkers. Supportive housing is financed through a highly successful model of public-private partnerships.

Funding from the city and state is critical in leveraging private investment, especially because it provides the continuing services necessary to keep families and individuals safely and stably housed.

Without the guarantee of these funds from the state, we will lose not only the opportunity to publicly finance supportive housing, but also millions of dollars in private equity.


V.P. and New York Market Leader

Enterprise Community Partners

New York

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